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Our final wedding trip of the summer was to Calgary and fortunately, my mom and dad were willing to drive down to Calgary to spend some time visiting with me. While Byron was out with the guys for the Bachelor Party, my mom, dad and I decided to head out to try a new restaurant.

To determine where to go I turned to my most trusted resource, Twitter. I sent out a tweet to some of my Edmonton food blogger friends who then got me in touch with some of their Calgary food blogger friends and before I knew it I had about 15 different restaurant suggestions. Sadly, we really only had time to try one, so I decided to go with Charbar since we’d had such a lovely meal at Charcut last October.

Schwartz’s Deli

I actually really enjoyed my Smoked Meat Sandwich. Not that I wasn’t expecting to, but you know how it can be when something is highly recommended and built up. Sometimes it can end up being a let down. It also didn’t hurt that I was ravenously hungry and that the deli had a lot of character, but I really do think the meat itself was quite tasty.


Morimoto Andaz Maui Wailea, Maui, HI I remember when one of the only reality TV shows on the Food Network was Iron Chef. And I don’t mean Iron Chef America, I am talking about the original Iron Chef from Japan that was aired with unintentionally hilarious voice-over English translations. It was here that Masarhu Morimoto was first introduced to North American audiences. Ever since I heard about his restaurant in Honolulu, I knew I wanted to pay Morimoto a visit. And then when I heard that he had recently opened a new restaurant in Maui, literally next door to our condo, then I knew I had no excuse! We decided to visit Morimoto at the beautiful Andaz hotel for lunch on the day we flew out of Maui. It seemed like it would be a great way to finish off our amazing trip. And it really was. The hotel itself was pretty spectacular. The restaurant was gorgeous, it had a picture perfect beach view and top notch service. The food was was also pretty great. Would it be worth the dinner price tag? …

The Flatbread Company

The Flatbread Company 89 Hana Highway Paia, Maui, HI When I went to Maui in 2012, I, of course, asked around to get some dining recommendations. My friend Laura, a Maui lover herself, strongly recommended that I go to The Flatbread Company in Paia. I kind of wondered at the time if the pizza could really be that good that it would warrant a visit while in Hawaii. I mean, it’s not like Hawaii is known for its pizza. But, not being one to question the wisdom of a good friend, I took her advice and paid The Flatbread Company a visit. Laura was right, the pizza was awesome. So, you better believe I put The Flatbread Company on my list of restaurants to get to when I was back in Maui with my family earlier this Spring. So, on one of the days where the weather was less than ideal, we headed over to Paia to spend more time exploring the shops and galleries, enjoy some pizza at The Flatbread Company and then watching the …

Paia Fish Market

Paia Fish Market 100 Baldwin Ave Paia, Maui, HI Oahu is a great island. There is a lot to see and do, but as much as I enjoyed my time on Oahu, I was really looking forward to going to Maui. I found Honolulu to be a lot like many other large, American cities… just one that happens to be on a beautiful, tropical island. For me, when I make the trip to Hawaii, I want to get away from the big cities and enjoy a more low-key, relaxing, tropical vibe… which is why I love Maui. I think everyone has a favourite Hawaiian island and maybe it has something to do with whatever island you visited first, but, for me, there is something magical about Maui. After spending 4 days on Oahu, we made the quick flight to Maui and I immediately felt more relaxed. There is a familiarity to Maui that I love, one that immediately puts me at ease and right into vacation mode. We spent 10 glorious days on the beautiful island of Maui …