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Our final wedding trip of the summer was to Calgary and fortunately, my mom and dad were willing to drive down to Calgary to spend some time visiting with me. While Byron was out with the guys for the Bachelor Party, my mom, dad and I decided to head out to try a new restaurant.

To determine where to go I turned to my most trusted resource, Twitter. I sent out a tweet to some of my Edmonton food blogger friends who then got me in touch with some of their Calgary food blogger friends and before I knew it I had about 15 different restaurant suggestions. Sadly, we really only had time to try one, so I decided to go with Charbar since we’d had such a lovely meal at Charcut last October.


I’ve never been disappointed with the pizza at Anthony’s and our visit was no exception. The crusts were nice and crispy on the bottom and perfectly chewy on the inside; the perfect vessel for the different, delicious topping combinations.

Sansotei Ramen

Yesterday was rainy and grey, so Byron and I decided that a hot bowl of ramen would make for a perfect lunch. We headed downtown and arrived at the restaurant around 12:30. Sansotei isn’t very big and it’s fairly popular already, so I was pleasantly surprised that we were seated immediately when we arrived.


Datsun 380 Elgin Street Ottawa, ON It might seem like a weird thing to say at the age of 28, but when my parents came to visit last month, it was the longest I have ever gone without seeming them in my entire life! Three months feels like a long time when you are used to seeing your parents at least once a week. I was of course incredibly excited when they visited and couldn’t wait to show them some of my favourite Ottawa restaurants that I have tried so far. Although I had only visited Datsun once before, I knew it was a must when my parents came to town. Byron and I love all sorts of different Asian cuisines and Datsun does a lot of them really, really well. Put that together with an excellent cocktail list and awesome atmosphere and it was a no-brainer that Datsun would be a great place to show my parents a good time. The first thing we did when we arrived was look over the cocktail list and …

Ottawa PoutineFest

I’ve never been to a Poutine Festival before, so I was pretty pumped to check out Ottawa PoutineFest with Byron last Friday. It was a little after 6 when we arrived at the PoutineFest grounds in front of City Hall and while it was busy it wasn’t quite as nuts as I thought it would be, which is actually wasn’t a bad thing. I have been to various food festivals before where I have spent more time waiting in line than anything else and that can really take the fun out of it.

Whassup Dog

It was fun to try Whassup Dog, especially while out wandering around Hintonburg on such a lovely afternoon. I think next time we would try one of the hot dogs with the more interesting toppings and see how it stacks up. Another thing to note, Whassup Dog is cash only, so plan accordingly.

The Savoy Brasserie

Our meal at The Savoy Brasserie was good, but I was hoping for a little bit more. While the food was all fine, it just didn’t jump out at me like I had hoped it would, and with so many restaurants to try, that probably means we won’t be back again anytime in the near future.