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Whassup Dog

Whassup Dog
991 Wellington Street West
Ottawa, ON
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Although I have only been an Ottawa resident for a few months now, I am fully aware that there is something special about that “little hut” in Hintonburg. It started as the home to Hintonburger and then when they moved into a larger space, Suzy Q moved in. History has repeated itself and Suzy Q has now moved into a bigger storefront, which left the hut temporarily vacant.

Whassup Dog

Hintonburger is involved again, but this time the owners decided to focus on hot dogs and poutine — enter Whassup Dog.

This Sunday was one of the nicest days that 2016 has seen thus far, so Byron and I decided to go a long walk to explore our neighbourhood, which made for the perfect opportunity to check out Whassup Dog.

We arrived at around 3 pm and there were people trickling in and out, but it wasn’t too busy. After looking over the menu we decided to share a hot dog and a small order of poutine.

Inside Whassup Dog

I didn’t want to get too crazy on our first visit, so we opted for the the Canadeh! Poutine, which is Whassup Dog’s take on traditional poutine and then the Whistle Dog, which is a jumbo hot dog, wrapped in bacon, deep fried and topped with house made cheese sauce. Now, I am not a cheese sauce person, so we asked for the cheese sauce on the side, so I could eat my half without it.

It look a little while for our order to be ready, I’d say somewhere slightly north of 5 minutes, which was no problem as it was such a lovely day out. Once we received our food I topped the hot dog with mustard and ketchup and we made our way outside to enjoy our food at the picnic table that’s right outside.

The first thing that we noticed was that the gravy didn’t seem quite as hot as we would have liked it to be. I find, quite often a good poutine is steaming because the gravy is so hot. Using piping hot gravy helps to avoid the whole congealed gravy situation, which started happening a little faster than I would have liked with this poutine.

Other than that though, it was a tasty poutine. The fries were excellent, super crisp, so they stood up very well against the gravy and cheese curds. Also, the portion was very generous; we ordered a small and I couldn’t get over how big it was.

Whistle Dog

The Whistledog was good, I really liked that the crispy bacon gave the hot dog some textural complexity and I mean, when is adding bacon ever a bad idea? Because I didn’t have the cheese sauce I can’t personally comment on it, but Byron tried it on his half and said it had a bit of an odd flavour and it really didn’t taste all that cheesy. He was a little disappointed and said, to him, Cheez Whiz would have been better. I personally think Cheez Whiz is revolting, so perhaps I would have actually liked this cheese sauce.

It was fun to try Whassup Dog, especially while out wandering around Hintonburg on such a lovely afternoon. I think next time we would try one of the hot dogs with the more interesting toppings and see how it stacks up. Another thing to note, Whassup Dog is cash only, so plan accordingly.

Happy Tuesday!

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