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Prairie Noodle Shop

Prairie Noodle Shop
10350 124 Street
Edmonton, AB
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Many Edmontonians have been anxiously awaiting the opening of Prairie Noodle Shop. Watching for updates on Twitter and Facebook and counting down the days until Edmonton would finally have a great ramen shop. Well, the day has come and Prairie Noodle officially opened up its doors to the public this past Tuesday.

Prairie Noodle Shop

On Thursday night, my parents, who also love ramen, and I decided we’d brave the crowds and see if we could snag ourselves a bowl of ramen at Prairie Noodle. We arrived just before 6 and it was practically lined up out the door. Luckily the wait was only about half an hour long and we had a nice time chatting with the other ramen lovers in line.

Ramen $15

We were seated at the noodle bar, which was a lot of fun, because it ended up being dinner and a show. We had a great time watching the chefs prepare the ramen and despite their busyness they took the time to chat with us a little, which was great.

Although the appetizers on the menu all looked and sounded delicious, we decided that on this trip we’d just stick with ramen. I decided to order the most traditional, Prairie Pork, while both my mom and dad opted for the Roasted Barley Chicken.

Pork Rind

The Prairie Pork Ramen was made with roasted pork belly, smoked pork shoulder, a crispy pork rind, a umeboshi egg, sweet sesame oil corn, green onions, blackened garlic mayu oil, rich pork broth and house made dashi. The broth had an excellent, rich flavour and provided the perfect backdrop for the many delicious toppings. I especially loved the smoked pork shoulder, I thought it added a really interesting smokiness to the ramen. And of course, the crispy pork rind was delicious. But when is deep-fried pig skin not delicious?

The Roasted Barley Chicken Ramen was made with a yakitori chicken wing, chicken thigh marinated in a barley, honey tare sauce, an umeboshi egg, sautéed kale, pickled pearl onions, chicken broth and the house made dashi. My parents both really enjoyed their ramen and said that is was very tasty.

Roasted Barley Chicken

There were a couple small issues with service that we noticed and the kitchen seemed a little frantic, but to be fair, it was only Prairie Noodle’s 3rd night and the place was insanely busy. Considering that, I thought they were doing exceptionally well. Everyone we came in contact with was friendly, passionate and seemed genuinely interested in us having a great ramen experience.

Without a doubt this is the best ramen I have had in Edmonton so far; the toppings were great, the noodles were spot on and the broth was flavourful. I can’t wait to come back and try out some of the other offerings. It’s also awesome to have a new restaurant in Edmonton open up, where you can get a great meal for less than $20. There are a lot of great restaurants in Edmonton these days, but not many of them can say that.

It makes me so happy to see a group of Edmontonians channel their passion for food into something so amazing. What started as a kick ass pop up has evolved into an awesome restaurant that has very quickly become the talk of the town. I’m so happy for Prairie Noodle and  I look forward to see what the future has in store for them.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Brenda says

    I was hoping the chicken soup would cure my cold. It didn’t, but I’m sure it helped. 😉

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