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The Burger’s Priest

The Burger’s Priest
10148 109 Street
Edmonton, AB
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Maybe it’s the Alberta Girl in me, but I am almost always game for a good hamburger. My friends out in Eastern Canada had told me about how glorious The Burger’s Priest was, so when I heard it was coming to Edmonton, I knew I was going to have to make a pilgrimage.

Earlier this week, before heading to the Oilers’ game (where, surprise, surprise, they actually won) my friend, Allie, and I made our trek to see what The Burger’s Priest was all about. We arrived just before 6 and there was already a steady crowd. Luckily the line wasn’t too long and we were able to snag a table. As a side note, thankfully we got a spot in a shady area of the restaurant, because the sun was shining in and not only was it super bright, but it was getting HOT. Like it kind of felt as though we were in a greenhouse. Hopefully they get some blinds up in there before summer.

Fries and Burgers

We looked over the menu and both decided to keep it pretty classic for our first visit. I opted for the Burger, plus bacon, and Allie decided on the Cheeseburger with Smoke (deep friend jalapenos). We also each ordered a milkshake, chocolate for me and strawberry for Allie, and we also shared an order of fries. It only took about 5 minutes for them to prepare our order, so the wait wasn’t bad at all.

Both Allie and I thought the burgers were really good. The burger patty itself was the perfect thickness, not too thick, not too thin; just right for the bun. The burger had been cooked on a flat top grill, giving it a nice caramelized crust, while the inside remained juicy. All of the produce was really good; very fresh and crisp. There were nice, thick strips of bacon on my burger, not the micro-thin bacon that you sometimes get at some burger joints. Allie really enjoyed the jalapenos on her burger, she said they added a nice crunch, and they weren’t overly spicy.

Chocolate Shake at The Burger's Priest

The milkshakes were also awesome; thick, creamy and incredibly rich. The serving was on the smaller side, which was actually nice, because although I probably could have happily drank a lot more, I really didn’t need it.


My only disappointment was the fries. I thought they were fine, but nothing to write home about. They tasted like they could have used a little more salt or seasoning… just something.

I’ve had a handful of friends and colleagues also try out The Burger’s Priest since it’s opening and the reviews have been mixed. Some loved it, some thought it was ok, some thought the burgers were dry, while others found them greasy. So obviously they are still working out some kinks and need to work on their consistency.

While the burgers are on the pricier side, I thought the prices were in line with other, similar “higher level” fast food joints, such as Smashburger, Fat Burger or Shake Shack. I find with a lot of burger places you get what you pay for.

Overall, we both really enjoyed our burgers at The Burger’s Priest. Their website states that they “believe in purity, simplicity and [providing] fresh ground beef, soft bun, simple toppings, griddled to perfection.” And from what I experienced, it appears as though they practice what they preach.

Happy Thursday!

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